Data Protection

Data Protection

It is important to identify sensitive data in order to secure it. Once sensitive data is discovered and classified, the next step is to protect it. Usual methods include applying DLP controls, encryption, back up & archival of data, rights management, etc. In addition to that, processes can be set up to assist end-users and data owners to minimize sensitive data footprints.

Data security is all about abating threats (hackers, viruses, spyware, social engineering, etc.) to target data and minimizing the number of valuable targets. To protect against any threat, it is imperative to set up systems where only authorized personnel can access the data they need. Even with restricted access, there is a risk of data being copied, transferred, or moved. There should be security controls in place to govern the use of sensitive data and minimize data footprints. Minimizing sensitive data footprint is fundamental to reducing risk and threats.

Klassify offers a range of actions that are performed to protect data and improve business performance at the same time.

  • Classification based Whitelisting and Blacklisting of email domains
  • Real time alert on lowering of classification from higher level set by the document owner
  • Check and ensure that classification of email is same or higher than that of attachments
  • Logging of all document and email classification related activities
  • Reduce false positive incidents in DLP
  • Help to achieve non-repudiation
  • Embed classification in documents and emails as well as in their metadata to strengthen data protection controls like DLP, IRM, Archival, Encryption etc.
  • Real time analysis of email content and attachment’s classification before sending

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