KLASSIFY – Card Data
Discovery Suite

Klassify Card Data Discovery Suite

Klassify Card Data Discovery Suite is a full-featured card data discovery tool that automates the process of locating and analyzing the information within your organization that is subject to PCI DSS compliance. Locating and protecting specific types of sensitive information is an integral part of many industry-driven standards and regulations. With a global security standard like PCI DSS, it is mandatory for the payment card industry to protect cardholder information.

Klassify Card Data Discovery Suite is a one-stop solution to discover sensitive PCI-related information across enterprise with a dashboard specifically designed for PCI DSS.

Features of Klassify Card Data Discovery Suite:

Discover multiple payment card data across enterprise

  • All file types
  • All attributes including what, who, when and where

Assist organizations in discovering the scope, risk and critical data stored in structured and unstructured data repositories, including:

  • File shares
  • Email repositories
  • Databases
  • Content collaboration platforms
  • Cloud based storage
  • Log files
  • Images
  • Data archives

View detailed metadata and contextual information to enable improved information governance and organizational efficiency for unstructured data management

Create your own search criteria and flexible discovery scheduling

Secure discovered PAN with remediation actionslike delete, mask, quarantine, replace, protect

Proactively monitor, analyze, search, track and report on unprotected PANs

Business-oriented dashboards and interfaces

Get access rights visibility on the discovered sensitive data

Get visibility of duplicate and R.O.T data.

Secure the files with integrated rights management to control unauthorized access internally and externally.

Key Features

Discover Multiple Payment Card Data

Multiple File Type Support

One-Time Discovery

Scheduled Discovery

Multiple Remediation Actions

Detailed Reports

Illustrative Dashboard with Fruitful Analytics

Find out how Klassify can help you Discover, Classify and Protect your Business Critical Data.

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